The Technology Behind Waagene Purifiner

Our patented filter removes particles down to 1-3 micron and the water evaporates in the specially designed top.

The heart of Waagene Purifiner cleaning technology is a patented by-pass filter designed for contuinious oil maintenance on hydraulic and lubricating oil systems.

Waagene Oil Purifiner maintains the oil quality by continuous removal of particles, free and emulsified water, sludge and acids in a two stage process; Stage one utilizes natural, 100% long-strand cotton fibers to capture particles >1 micron and sludge.

Stage two in the purification process is a patented flash evaporation process that dehydrates the oil and removes chemical contamination; water content is reduced to 100-200 ppm (0.01-0.02%).

Waagene Oil Purifiner is engineered to maintain oils at standard NAS 4 / ISO 13/10, typically better than new oil quality (NAS 6-8 due to contamination in the supply chain).

With constant use of Waagene Purifiner, around the clock and 365 days a year, the oil obtains better quality than when is was new.

purifiner filter technology

Waagene Purifiner used on Texaco Regal 68 Hydraulic Oil running for 17,500 hours (2 years).  See test results.

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