FZG Test of Cleaned Kluber Bio Oil LR 9-32

 After 8 hours cleaning with Waagener Purifiner, the oil was sent for an FZG Test at Technische Universität München. FZG stands for "Forschungsstelle fur Zahnrader und Getriebebau", the Technical Institute for the Study of Gears and Drive Mechanisms.

The FZG Test evaluates fluid lubricating and wear protection properties at the interface of a loaded set of gears. During the FZG Test, the gears are loaded through a torsional coupling that is set to known load conditions or stages. The gears are rotated by a variable speed electric motor. Fluid temperature is controlled by heating and/or cooling elements.

FZG test method A/8.3/90 for relative wear resistance of oils

ISO 14635 is for most applications in industry and marine gear. This part of ISO 14635 determines the carrying capacity of the oil defined by damage on surface-wear. High surface temperatures due to high pressure and rotational speed that can start degrading lubricant films.

FZG test assesses the lubricants capabilities under defined conditions for temperature, rate of rotation and increased load. Standard gear oil must handle a load stage of >12.

The test of the cleaned Kluber Bio Oil LR 9-32 oil shows load stage >13. This is the same as new unfiltered oil. Test results can be presented upon request.


four square oil tester

Drawing of an FZG four square gear oil tester

1. Test pinion
2. Test wheel
3. Drive gear case
4. Rotating coupling
5. Locking pin
6. Load lever with weights
7. Torque gauge
8. Temperature sensor
fzg test main